Food Allergies

Food is one of life’s greatest enjoyments - just the smell or taste of a favorite dish can release a flood of memories or change a mood.  However, food allergies have altered my perception of what I eat.  In the last several years I developed numerous allergies and the affect on my life has been significant. 

My allergies have surgically cut foods from my diet.  I no longer make dietary choices considering taste or nutrition alone, but rather to avoid harmful and even deadly reactions.  Many people have worse allergies than I do, and some less severe, but this is my exploration of feelings surrounding my own condition.  It involves other’s perception of my relationship to food, my own desire for the “forbidden,” and even my struggle as a mother to keep my dilemma with food from causing my children to have issues about their own food choices.

This fine art series consists of self portraits printed and then placed into still life constructions featuring the allergy inducing food.  Through props (having actual and metaphorical qualities,) references are made to the relationship between the particular food and myself – intending to mimic my experiences with food, self-deconstruction, aggravation, and finally resolution.

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