Personal Impressions

Work in progress

All I do, hear, view, smell or taste leaves an impression – a mental scar – a change in my perspective.  Some of those marks are small and fade quickly while others are so deep that they bind me for the rest of my lifetime.  This fine art self-portrait series explores my body as art by creating impressions that may be interpreted not only as literal imprints on skin but also as figurative representations of life experiences. 

Our bodies are a continual reminder, always present, of who we are, what has transformed us, and where we have traveled.  To form an impression on my skin – my body needed to be either bound or pressed for a period of forty-five minutes to a few hours.  This process was very uncomfortable at times, but thus indicative of the experiences that shape a life.

The marks I put on my skin were not the only “marks” I was intrigued with – many more lasting marks are apparent – moles, freckles, and scars.  All of these things speak to me of the scars obtained as I move through life – some unavoidable experiences scar my memory and character for long periods while others are more trivial in nature only marking me when I allow them access.  All the impressions I created lost their crisp edges quickly, some were completely gone in an hour, but others remained for hours – one remained overnight on a very soft spot of skin.  It made me contemplate that soft spot – why I should fight to be protective of my most vulnerable areas because even a short duration of distress can mar them for longer. 

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